The Best Junk Car Service in Los Angeles

At Junk Cars Los Angeles we buy junk cars, no matter the condition, the model, the year, domestic and foreign, and no matter if it’s running or not.  

The process is fast and easy, no bureaucratic complications and instant Cash! We are locally present in Los Angeles, California.

Our company has over 15 years of experience dealing with all kinds of customers.

We offer clean, easy, fast process with your junk cars. We take if off your hands fast. Junk Cars Los Angeles is operated by independent, hardworking professionals. We enjoy getting to know our customers and helping them with their problem.

Sometimes, getting rid of your used or old car can be a tedious problem. Only transporting a car that doesn’t run anymore is a hassle. We take care of the car for you. We evaluate the worth and give you cash for it. We have years of experience assessing junk cars.

We speak both English and Spanish. We’re here to help and we operate all day, from 8am to 6pm.

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